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'Eureka' Archimedes Gold


I want to leave you with

1- A solid understanding of the concept of money and its relationship to value and why this is critically important.

Why is Value critically important?

Well if you have no control of value, no matter how much money you have, no matter how much you have saved over your lifetime, it really doesn't matter if the value of the money is not maintained by those responsible.

The haunting image I have is the memory of a photograph I once saw of a man in Nazi Germany going to a grocery store with a wheel barrel of paper money, probably his life savings.

2000 years a Greek named Archemedes ran down the streets of Athens running "Eureka! Eureka!" [ I got it! I go it!]. Do you know why?

Well for a long time it was suspected the money changers [bankers] were diluting the gold with lead but nobody could prove it.

Sitting in the bathtub, he discovered the principle of density. So if you had a gold bar and a lead bar of equal weight, the lead bar would displace more water. Put another way a given volumn of lead being of lower density would always weight less than gold which has a much higher density.

Archemedes had found a way to keep the money changers honest and that is why he was so excited.


2000 years later, nothing has changed, the money changers are still playing their same games and are trying to slant things in their favour as much as possible - and they are clever, very clever.


And we on the other hand have a lot of catching up to
do. Don't forget, not that long ago in fact less than 100 years ago at least where I habitat today [near Vancouver Canada] this place was covered with virgin timber over 100's of feet tall. There was no machinery then as there is today and those trees and timber were removed with dynamite and muscle power. For the most part we were simple, mere hewers of wood and carriers of water and like monkeys not that wise to the ways of the pen.

We all, I hope, are on the side of Archemedes here, we are not in any position to change anything in the short term but at least we can get ourselves up to an awareness of what is going on. I hope to at least give you some inkling as to what you can do to put yourself on at least a level playing field. I hope to do better than that and perhaps give you a better idea of how we can play the financial game so that we all might prosper but first we must know the ways of the clever men.

Speaking of "Clever Men" Here's a diversionary story for you:

Am I a Monkey's Uncle?

Not so long ago a group of clever men
entered into our common domain under the sun
Their singular and somber step in great contrast
to the richness of freedom we enjoyed then 

When the black hats came into our rich forest
we watched them from above high
as they planted their iron cage
in the center of a large clearing
and then as mysterious as they came
they left us to our own devices.

As the clever men knew we would
we descended and approached the cage
at first with great supicion and caution
but when we realized inside the cage
were all the coconuts we would ever want
in plain sight for the taking
we slipped our arms in under the bar
to take benefit of what was freely there

But when we tried to draw the coconuts out
we could not as the black bars would not permit us
It wasn't long after that the clever men returned and
we not willing to let go of what we surely grasped
we lost our freedom not so long ago.

les raketti
November 30 2007

The key concept is that Archimedes discovered a way that gold as means of exchange could keep its value.

The concept you need to let go of is that paper money or paper for that matter has value.

The next two pieces illustrates 1) the point that money can really be anything as long as it is an honest representation of value and 2) that it is the responsibility of government to ensure that the means of exchange maintains its value.

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