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World of Paper Fiction

A medium of exchange for goods and services" - In that sense money can be anything. It could even be paper which has no intrinsic or very little value in itself; Or it could be gold something that holds vaue initself [since it is cannot be created artificially at a whim].


Def'n Check- a personal Paper Note indicating a promise to pay. So would you say that this is a negative or a positive? I would like to suggest that it depends on how you look at it as it could be either a negative or a positive depending on what it represents. Let me explain ...

Let me explain my theory - you see all our energy is positive - that check from your employer  which you repositioned into the bank  represents positive energy. However it was replaced or depositioned by a 'legal note' (paper or electronic) which represents a promise to pay by government. Now since government does not create the value represented by our currency it can only be based on of its citizens ability to create work to pay for it. By that mechanism for every $100 YOU EARN $108 [$100 plus interest] HAS TO PAID BACK. 

Since a promise to pay is a negative the fiqures represented by our reposits and the banks deposits are not positives but rather negatives. Therefore since what we put into the bank were positives that were replaced by negatives - the government owes us since the currency we use are only negatives or promises to pay.

Before I go further let me clarify, since the notes we call currency are not created by government but rather are created by a third party the government must pay those third party creditors back with interest.

Therefore the notes created by your reposit what you put in - representing positive energy are deposited wih legal government notes which represent Iou's or negative energy to a third party creditor. Currently the cost of every dollar created in Canada in this matter according to the Government of Canada's own literature is -$1.08.

Ironically if Canada printed her own money without using a third party Canada would own no debts to any third party since all currency created would simply represent the value created by its citizens. In international exchang the value of one currency relative to another is strickly based on the estimate of the relative value its currency represents in the respective countries.

Simply put banks really are solely here to serve us and facilitate the exchange of our goods and services. However today since no nation prints its own money its currency represents a debt to a third party creditor.

So when we look at bailing out of the banks because of their bad investments - fundamentally the reasoning is flawed. We don't need the banks as much as the banks need us. The critical focus should be on the 'one who lays the golden eggs' that is 'us' and not the receiver of that benefit. In bailing out the banks we seriously dilute the unit value of our currency and  buying power of our currency.

If the amount of currency printed exceeds our ability to create value then the owness of creating that value must be passed onto future generations and this is the real tradegy. What we do future generations must bear the full brunt of that cost.

Not let me ask you 2 questions?

The First has to do with some quick fast tracking.

Q1: If every dollar of currency created creates a debt as it does in Canada of 1 dollar plus 8%, how long do you think it would be before all nations would be hopelessly in debt to the point that all value created would go to third party creditors?

This was a subject hotly debated in the 18th century whereby they foresaw as the envitable result of a debt based system as the ultimate destruction of all civilizations. This can only be the end game scenario when more homage is paid to greed, power and the corruption of fundamental principles concerning value then that which paid to its value creators - humanity itself.

Q2: If we are in fact the originators of all value, to who then would that government debt apply? Ultimately that debt is owed to us since we are the value creators. It appear that through bait and switch legislation our positive money has been replaced with negative currency.

So if my reasoning is correct not only have we been robbed of 100% of the value we create we also incurr a double whammy by taking on as surety another 100% of debt plus interest. If the truth be said we in fact owe nothing to nobody  if truth and lawful justice would prevail. Certainly if we disregard the ethics, the principle if not the interest would cancel out. Simply put in this debt based I hope you can see now how we have been scammed to be perpetual debt slaves.

''Now whether my suppositions are true or not "the real answers my friend are blown in the wind" so to speak. My purpose here is to get you to think and ask the hard questionsand like the child point out that, "the emperor has no clothes"", that the "Lion Bank has no teeth" and come from the position of your own self worth as value creators. We as value creators are in a position of creating infinite wealth - there is no limit to the value we can create.  

Supposedly governments as are banks are theoritically created to serve us. As in the movie 'The Matrix' it now appears that the machine we created to serve us is now the master.

To understand how a mechanism can legaly enslave us we need to look at two other areas and that is the legal world and the world of nature and to understand the distinctions and how it governs our privacy and our freedoms/

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