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The Two Viewpoints of Man

The man in the mirror looks at his reflection and sees a world just like the one he is in. Only we know one is real and the other is imaginary and only appears to be real.

Its just like someone drawing a square box in the sand and getting everyone to think they have no choice but to live with in it those lines. Such is the rule of man which exists within it and the rule of law which exists outside of it.

One viewpoint is imaginary controling and restrictive the other is real and unrestrictive but for most does not exist within the prison of our minds.

The essay below illustrates how by our conditioning we can never let go of the things that bond us.  Its a primer for things to come.


Am I a Monkey's Uncle?

Not so long ago a group of clever men
entered into our common domain under the sun
Their singular and somber step in great contrast
to the richness of freedom we enjoyed then

When the black hats came into our rich forest
we watched them from above high
as they planted their iron cage
in the center of a large clearing
and then as mysterious as they came
they left us to our own devices.

As the clever men knew we would
we descended and approached the cage
at first with great supicion and caution
but when we realized inside the cage
were all the coconuts we would ever want
in plain sight for the taking
we slipped our arms in under the bar
to take benefit of what was freely there

But when we tried to draw the coconuts out
we could not as the black bars would not permit us
It wasn't long after that the clever men returned and
we not willing to let go of what we surely grasped
we lost our freedom not so long ago.

les raketti
November 30 2007

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