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Down the Rabbit Hole

One of the first articles to be posted here is a series of letters by Robert Ringer called "Money and Power". Click here feb28 2008

Although he is a well known writer I find his perspective quite interesting. He seems to believe the government is the one responsible for all our woes and that the free market or business is our savior. Read it as it has some value and we will build on it as time goes on.

The Second Series of articles - "What is Money" apr 14 the content which I presented to the Millionaires Club in Vancouver in 2005. The articles are all about the concept of depreciating value that is inherent when a country goes outside of itself to print money. In this money game it is critical to realise that everyone loses - as it is only a matter of time - with only one exception.

It ends with JFK his desire to dismantle the private Federal Reserve System in the best interest of the Nation and an interview with Bernard Lietaer reinforcing those same points.

This is followed by some audio clips on Money and Banking and Videos on how well Canada was able to progress from 1944-74 without incurring any additional national debt despite having built mamoth projects the likes of which we have not seen since such as the CNR, the Trans Canada Highway and the Saint Lawrence Seaway.


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