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Now I am not an economist, I am an architect. Now as architects we have an unique gift and that is our unique ability of coming up with a concept and communicating that concept in such a way that people can see the overall picture. Typically this is through a presentation drawing so that people can see and buy into the idea and give it their support. That's coming from the big picture perspective and I hope to achieve that here.

Then we have the ability to see the other scale of the picture and document that idea to the most infinite detail on white prints (blue prints) so tradesmen can construct what the architect designed, piece by piece, brick by brick giving you the concrete reality that we recognize as a physical enclosure which you may call a room, a house or a building - it all starts with an idea and that idea had to be flushed out.

Now as money is one of those things that has so much emotional attachment it begs another approach outside of using terms such as M1, M2 money which most people will not readily identify with. Instead I will communicate fundamental ideas of money through the use of stories with a bit of artistic license to give you the big picture and provide you with details to give it substance.

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I. The First series of Articles - "What is Money" apr 14 is primarily the content I presented to the Millionaires Club in Vancouver in 2005. The articles are all about the concept of depreciating value that is inherent when a country goes outside of itself to print money. In this money game it is critical to realise that everyone loses - as it is only a matter of time - with only one exception and that is the bank.

It ends with JFK documented intent to dismantle the private Federal Reserve System in the best interest of the Nation and an interview with Bernard Lietaer who used to work with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) until he realized that changing the system from within was a naive notion.

II.This is followed by some audio clips on 1) Banking and 2) the differences between two different money system. Understanding this is key to establishing financial prosperity for the nation.

Videos illustrate how well Canada as a nation was able to progress from 1944-74 without incurring any additional national debt to that incurred during the second world war. This is  despite having built mamoth projects the likes of which we have not seen since, such as: the CNR (The Canadian National Railway), the Trans Canada Highway and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. It is proof that these concepts work as they did in the United States in its early development.

III. The Next Series of Articles deal with the illusion that paper money or money in any form has intrinsic value as a currency.

IV. The Next Series of Articles deal directly with the illusion which while it appears very real steals away the value we create without us knowing it.

V. One of the first articles posted here was a series of letters by Robert Ringer called "Money and Power". feb28 2008

Although he is a well known writer I find his perspective quite interesting but I do not entirely agree with it. He seems to believe the government is the one responsible for all our woes and that the free market or business is our savior. Read it as it has some value and take note of my comments where we appear to differ.

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