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Privacy and Freedom

Privacy and freedom are intertwined as breath is to air.

Privacy- a line drawn which can not be crossed without violating anothers sense of public disclosure.

Freedom- free domain where rules are relaxed and privileges are granted

My purpose here is not to tell you what you already know since a cup already full cannot take in any more but rather to expand the vessel of thought so you may encompass more. 

As a baby in a crib, freedom may be conditional or restrictive depending on what your utimate authority is.

Depending on what domain you are operating with in determines your ultimate freedom. Ultimately the ultimate domain is that of universal laws. You and I through the rules of  man can agree you are superman but if your number is called to jump off the 'Empire State Building, I am afraid death is a foregone conclusion. Nature or universal law is ultimately much more powerful than the rule of man.

Under the rule of man, you have the appearance of freedom that is until you misbehave or break the house rules. This is way the State can forego your priveleges be it your bank account, your drivers permit, your passport, your house, your car or your liberty or even your children. 

Should you not have the ability to finance the penalty for misbehaviour, ultimately your body must be the surety or thing pledged as security for payment or performance. This is a case whereby truth is stranger than fiction.

Jean Keatings has written a lot on how the money system with bonds and securites is tied into the prison system. In part it would explain why in the U.S. a much higher proportion of people are in prison industry then in any other country in the world. Its big business - just like - Big Parma - the Legal Industry and the GMO Industy such is the world we live in - under the rule of man.

Lets examine the artifical world and the natural world a little closer by asking a question that may never of occurred to you to ask, "Who owns your name?"

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