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Introduction to Money

Introduction to U of Money and the purpose of this site.

Folks the purpose of this series of personal essays is to bring people up to speed in understanding what money actually is in a rather simplistic way so you can literary create money at will once you understand the secret. I mean this literally as you may have to create your own micro economy just for survival.

In some sense this series of essays are like the concepts in "The Secret" regarding the "Law of Attraction" and the creation of Wealth. But it goes much deeper than that touching on the political and the economic and the legal in a matter of fact conversational manner.

A lot of material presented here is an intergration of concepts found on sovereigncy sites and currency sites. You will get a solid understanding of what is debt money and what is its polar opposite. Understanding the polar opposite is the key to continued prosperity and empowerment.

Simply read to the bottom of each section and click the link you find there and I promise, you will never look at money and wealth creation the same way ever again. Follow the 'GO TO' links as below to get a complete tour of this site.

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